Help us save the natural Duck Lake, "Ozero Kachyne”

7 грудня 2016 року громадська організація "Озеро Качине" звернулась до усіх міжнародних організацій світу, Президента П.Порошенка, Мера В.Кличка, секретаря Київради В.Прокопіва, усіх депутатів Київради з проханням зберегти озеро Качине!

До цього часу питання не вирішено! Озеро так і не отримало офіційного статусу, не передано на баланс КП Плесо, екопарку навколо озера не створено!

Тому звернення залишається актуальним, змінились лише два прізвища:

"SOS! SOS! SOS! Help us save the natural Duck Lake, "Ozero Kachyne”! Don`t kill or don`t let others kill it! Don`t become “lake-killers”! To all international organizations, to all people of good will! To Mr President of Ukraine Zelensky, Mr Klychko, Mr Bondarenko, to all deputies of Kyiv City Council! In this Year of English in Ukraine we hope to be heard by you in this international language! We, the community of Kyiv city, have done everything possible under the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine in order to preserve the small patch of the Lake Kachyne in the concrete jungles of Poznyaki district, in order to help save our little friends - ducks that have been nesting annually on this lake for ages. We turned to different institutions operating in Ukraine, to the police and we have the resolutions about numerous cases of violation of the law that were lobbied by the property developers. There are different alternatives of “win-win” solution to this situation. We, citizens, hope for your wisdom and decency as our representatives! We and you know well that this defenseless natural lake and its inhabitants have no human voice, no power to resist the Kyiv authorities, arbitrariness of the property developers who daily destroy the last small islands of natural recreation in our City. Kyiv, especially the Left Bank is turning into the place of close slums devoid of the decent recreational areas. Dear deputies, don`t forget your election promises to listen to us, people who elected you, not the oligarkhs! Remember what happened in your building three years ago! Don`t take the sin of killing our natural Lake Kachyne on your souls! Don`t become accomplices of the crime! Елена Вивтанец, thanks for translation. Volodymyr Katasonov, thanks for video. Jamala | Джамала, thanks for your music.